Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Website -

The HUFF 50K Trail Run is moving to a new website -

Now you can find all our races in one place, including the Father's Day Run 4 Trails (June 19th) and the Waterfall 5K Trail Run at the Kokiwanee Nature Preserve (June 26th). Nothing has changed in management of The HUFF from when it was first started - Veep Races is just the umbrella under which we direct several races.

The HUFF 50K Trail Notes will still be active but it will serve as an adjunct to the main site. At you will find registration, trail maps, directions, volunteer sign-up and the most requested item - recipes for the homemade soups provided to HUFF runners at the end of the race.

The 2011 HUFF 50K Trail Run will be held on Saturday, December 17th and ... it will be in a new location which will soon be announced. If all current plans hold the new location will feature slightly more technical trails and will not have anything resembling the windy traverse across the dam on the west edge and the bridge on the east end of the old course.

We appreciate the home we had at Huntington for 14 years but changes in financing at the DNR have meant that trailrunners, mountain bikers and others will no longer have access to the property.

Some have asked whether the name of the event will change because long-time HUFF veterans know that the name was an alliteration of Huntington Ultra Frigid Fifty. The answer is:
"No, the name will not change". It will now have the official name of "The HUFF 50 K."

Those who would still like to observe an alliteration can think of it standing for "Hoosier Ultra Frigid Fifty" or even "Harper's Ultra Frigid Fifty".

But we think the HUFF name has come to stand on its own as one of the largest ultras in North America and as an event where the "test is against time, distance ... and Mother Nature".

We'll see you in December at the new HUFF course and sooner at

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 HUFF 50K Photos are Posted

More than 1180 photographs of the 2010 HUFF 50K Trail Run are now posted by clicking here.

The photos were taken by professional photographer Tim Perroud of Perroud Images. You may order prints at the website.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fun Video of HUFF 2010 by the Robillard Crew

Jason Robillard put together a fun video of the 2010 HUFF 50K Trail Run race experience of the Hobby Jogga group.

You can view it on YouTube by clicking here.

You can view the post in which it was embedded at Barefoot Running University by clicking here.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Posted by Chris Beck on Indiana Trail Running:
Yesterday's HUFF was an absolutely great race day. I'll reiterate the big THANK YOU to all of the volunteers and organizers. The starting line was c-o-l-d, but it didn't take too long to get warmed up (although Barry's blue frostbite fingers tell a different story). The trail was in great shape with the cold weather - no water or slop anywhere. After the first 20 minutes, the traffic was easily manageable despite the large field in attendance. The aid stations were h-e-a-v-e-n, thinking especially of the hot, delicious chicken noodle soup at mile 8 - yum! (In fact, I may still have a frozen turtle in my pocket from the aid station at mile 4.) The soup selection at the finish was a life saver - the hot and spicy corn chowder by far my favorite. I got to see many old friends, running with a training partner that I never got to train with, and met a few new ones, including a nice Yeti on the run. What a great way to end a year of running!!

The Heaviest Trophy

2010 HUFF Overall Men's Winner Brandon Welti with Race Director Mitch Harper holding the heaviest trophy in ultramarathoning.

Photo credit: Kay Thistlethwaite-Feichter

Welti and Essinger are the 2010 Overall Winners of The HUFF 50K Trail Run

Brandon Welti and Alice Essinger are the 2010 Men's and Women's Overall Winners.

Photo credit: Tim Perroud.

The HUFF Results

The 2010 HUFF 50K results can be viewed at the following links:

1. HUFF 50K and One Loop Overall Results

2. HUFF 50K 3-Person Relay

3. Age Group Results

These results will be adjusted over the next few days as to spelling and will be integrated with some corrections noted by runners and finish line personnel.

Photographs will be up soon.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The HUFF Course Map

The HUFF 50K Course Map remains unchanged from last year.

A particular thanks to Jerry Diehl and Bob Berger for laying out, measuring and marking the course.

Jerry and Bob have placed large mile marker signs along with directional arrow signs, flourescent colored ribbons and other trail marking signs on the HUFF course for race day.

Packet Pick Up at the Pasta Dinner or on Race Morning

$8.00 for the pre-race pasta dinner. The dinner will be held from 5:45 to 8:15 p.m. the evening before the race at St. Peter Lutheran Church School at 604 Polk Street (the Church is at 648 North LaFontaine Street) in Huntington. The pasta dinner is provided by the St. Peter Youth Group and proceeds of the pasta dinner benefit the youth activities.

Packet pick-up at the St. Peter Lutheran Church School at 604 Polk Street (the Church is at 648 North LaFontaine Street) in Huntington the night before the race or by 7:40 AM at the race site on race day.

You can view a map of the race site here on Google Maps. The entrance to the Kil-So-Quah campground is to the left of the arrow. Note: Markle Road is US 224.

Kil-So-Quah Parking and Start/Finish Layout

You will know you have reached the right place for The HUFF 50K Trail Run when you see this entrance sign on US 224 (Markle Road):

It will be a little bit darker when you are trying to discover the large sign on the morning of the race. Once you turn in on the access road next to the sign you will come to the entry gate.

The DNR will NOT be collecting a entrance fee this year. There may still be some lines going into the campground but they will simply be from the record turnout this year.

Once you get past the gatehouse go STRAIGHT and make the short distance to the campground. Do not turn to the right. Once you near the campground you should see one of the members of the HUFF parking brigade who can help get you parked efficiently.

Each campsite shown below can accomodate 2 or 3 vehicles if the first vehicle pulls all the way into the space. 50K runners should try to pull in first. One-loopers should pull in after the 50 folks. Try to coordinate with other runners that you know to make parking as efficient as possible. (There are a few additional campsites that are new not shown on the map.)

The map of the campground, which you can enlarge by clicking, show the approximate locations of the state, the main tent, the chute/relay transition area and path of the course through the campground.

The start will take place on the main road. The 50K and first relay runner of a team will start at 8:00 AM. NOTE: THE ONE LOOP RUNNERS WILL START 10 to 15 minutes after the 50K and relay runners start. This is in order to spread out the start, lessen the initial crowding on the trail and make for a more enjoyable - and faster - trail experience.

One loop runners SHOULD NOT try to gain an advantage by starting with the first wave.

50K runners and subsequent relay runners will not run on the road on the 2nd and 3rd loops or legs. You will exit the transition area, hit the aid table if you need to, then run west through the short grassy area west of the main tent until you enter the trail.

This means the first loop or leg is slightly shorter than the 2nd and 3rd loops.

50K runners will pass through the campground as they finish each loop. This means that if you want to change shoes and socks, get drier clothing or pick up other supplies from your car, you can do so. This generally obviates the need for drop bags at one of the two other aid stations.

The other aid stations are located approximately 3.5 to 4 miles from each other and from the start/finish. Aid Station "A" is located at the entrance to the Little Turtle State Recreation Area just off Highway 5 (Warren Road) south of the dam. This is at the 4 Mile mark of the loop. This is near the main office for the reservoir.

Aid Station "B" is located on Division Road where the trail crosses the road. This is past the shooting range. Note that Division Road ends in a cul-de-sac about a 1/4 mile past Aid Station "B." You can turn around there or you can greet your runner at that cul-de-sac as they emerge from the trail and then go down the trail east of the cul-de-sac as they head to Simpson Road and the bridge on the east side of the course.

Division Road is reached by exiting Aid Station "B" and turning left (south) on Highway 5. Go to the first county road south of the Little Turtle entrance and turn left (east) onto Division Road.
Since the opening of the shooting range in 2005, we have had to modify the course and divert runners onto part of Division Road in order to get them past the shooting range.

Please be careful as you drive on Division Road in order to provide the HUFF participants with the greatest measure of safety.

There will be a portable toilets at Aid Station "A" and at Aid Station "B'." There are additional pit toilets just beyond Aid Station "A" in the campground. (These are visible from the trail).

There are three sets of men's and women's modern and upgraded pit toilets at Kil-So-Campground. One set is at the east end where runners finishing the loop will be coming into the campground. Another set is on the west end near the access road. The main set is directly across (south) of the main tent and chute area. We have contracted to put another portable toilet in at that location to augment the two already there.

Aid Stations will have water, sport drink, defizzed cola and an array of solid foods such as fruit, pretzels, chips, cookies, M & M's, hard candy and the like. The aid stations will also have some things special to the aid station such as chocolate turtles at Aid Staion "A," or boiled potatos, chicken noodle soup and other goodies.

The main tent will, of course, have an amazing array of home-made soups and other goodies. More about that later. The HUFF is known for its food!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Change: T-Shirt included with One Loop Registration

This year, all HUFF participants have a HUFF branded t-shirt included in their registration fee.

Since the One Loop run was started, the t-shirt has been optional for One Loop runners so as to keep the entry fee at a minimal level. This was done to encourage new runners to get introduced to trail running.

Well, trail running is now mainstream. And this change will help our volunteers serve runners more effectively and efficiently at packet pick-up and on race morning.

Not all printed forms note the change this year so please let other One Loopers know that the t-shirt is included in the entry fee.

Friday, October 08, 2010

This Year's Medal Subject has been Chosen

The HUFF 50K Medal subject has now been chosen.

Each year, a different historic Miami Native American is featured on the reverse side of the Finisher's Medal for The HUFF 50K Trail Run and HUFF 50K Relay.

An 1880's engraving of Miam Chief Little Turtle is on the front. Past honorees have included Kil-So-Quah, Chief Coesse, and Chief Jean Baptiste de Richardville.

Race registrants will find out first who has been chosen.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Printable Entry Form Now Available

Participants can choose to register online for The HUFF 50K Trail Run 2010 at or by printing and mailing a registration form.

You can download and print out a mailable entry form by clicking here.

The printable entry form allows you to enter any of the three divisions of The HUFF 50K. It also provides an opportunity to register for the Galloping Gobbler 4 Miler on Thanksgiving Day.

You can find out more information on the Galloping Gobbler at It has become a Fort Wayne family tradition on Thanksgiving Day - November 25, 2010.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome Fort4Fitness Runners!

The HUFF 50K Trail Run welcomes the participants in the 2010 Fort4Fitness.

You have set an admirable goal this fall. Reap the rewards of your training by continuing the fun on Thanksgiving Day in Fort Wayne at the Galloping Gobbler then test yourself on December 18th at J. Edward Roush Lake for The HUFF 50K Trail Run.

Test yourself against time, distance and ... Mother Nature.

The HUFF 50K Trail Run has been one of the ten largest ultramarathons in North America and has been the host to the United States Track and Field 50K Trail Championship.

It regularly attracts runners from over 29 different states and provinces.

You can run the whole 50K, a one-loop run of nearly 11 miles or form a 3-person relay team

We have a big tent, plenty of hot soups at the end, a finisher's medal for those completing the 50K or the 3-person relay. New this year - one loop runners will have their t-shirt included in the entry fee.

You may register online or by mail.

There will be a new website soon that will provide all the great information on The HUFF, The Galloping Gobbler, the Father's Day Trail 5K and the Waterfall Trail 5K all on one site. Check back over the next few weeks for the launch of the new Veep Races site.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Welcome, Indy Mini Runners!

Thanks for visiting The HUFF 50K Trail Notes.

Over the next month, you will see a robust and reworked website for The HUFF 50K. So, check back at this URL for the new and very improved site.

If you wish to reserve your spot in the 2010 HUFF 50K Trail Run, 50K Relay or the One Loop (10.8 miles) 'Fun Run' visit ONLINE REGISTRATION HERE.

If you like trail running consider running the Father's Day Run 4 Trails on June 20 at Metea County Park in Fort Wayne or the new Waterfall Trail Run on June 28th at Kokiwanee Nature Preserve near Lagro at the Salamonie Lake Dam; it's a spectacular trail run.

There is also the Thanksgiving Day running tradition - The Galloping Gobbler 4 Miler. Over 1500 runners start at the campus of the University of St Francis and run through the beautiful wooded hills of historic Lindenwood Cemetery before finishing back at campus for a party of live music, a live turkey and the fellowship of family and fellow runners.

Register for the Father's Day Trail Run by clicking here.
Register for the Waterfall Run at Kokiwanee by clicking here.
Register for the Galloping Gobbler by clicking here.

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