Monday, December 21, 2009

"I loved the race!"

Dan Molnar of Kentucky posted these comments about The HUFF on the message board of the Walking Site:

The race director promised either mud or snow at this race. He was right. It snowed during the entire race. Although it made the trail slippery in spots, it also made the woods look all the more pretty. There is nothing comparable to the beauty and quiet of a gently snowfall in the woods.

This race is held at a state park near Fort Wayne, Indiana. It consists of a 10-mile trail that circles around a lake. Race participans have the option of either a 10-mile distance (single loop) or a 50 kilometer distance (three loops). I signed up for the 50K, but dropped down to the shorter distance due to plantar fasciitis. I don't have my official time, but it was around two hours and two minutes. I completed most of the race at a fast walk, but there were times that I had to run--to jump across a stream or as an alternative to sliding downhill on a slippery trail.

I loved the race! Most of the race is on single track trail, although there are some brief stretches on paved roads. The trail was scenic and well marked. There were three aid stations which offered a variety of beverages and race snacks. Nothing extravagant, but more than adequate food and beverages. The volunteers were very helpful. Registration was easy.

I paid $45 (US) for the 50K and received a nice short sleeve t-shirt and a coffee mug. At the finish, I received a key chain with the race logo on it. I would have received a medal if I completed 50K.

I'm normally spent at the conclusion of a race and am glad to be finished. Not so yesterday. I had plenty of energy at the finish and really (REALLY!!) wanted to keep going. I was having such a good time I did not want to finish. The pain in my heel reminded me that continuing was not a smart thing to do and I left the course after the first lap. I took some comfort in knowing that I could come back in 2010 and try it all over again. I will add this race to my "must do" list. The only question is,
will it be muddy or snowing in 2010? I hope it's snowing!

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