Sunday, December 13, 2009

The HUFF 50K Now Has More Cowbell

Deer can pose a hazard on the first loop of The HUFF 50K trail run - particularly on the north side of the reservoir. There is no hunting on the north side so there are plenty of deer. Those that did not wake up on hearing the cannon blast sometimes become startled by the sound of runners. Their instinct is to run toward the bank of the reservoir and, in so doing, cross the Kekionga Trail.

The solution was voiced by Christopher Walken in a classic Saturday Night Live skit: "I need more cowbell."

This year, there will be some young, intrepid runners taking off about a half-hour or so before race start with cowbells. They will travel the distance between the Kil-So-Quah campground and the observation mound with the purpose of rousing the deer from slumber.

We have never thought the deer were particularly vicious at The HUFF. We just think they are a little cranky on being awakened.

This link is not quite the original but close (, HUFF w/ cowbell is my new favorite race!!
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