Monday, December 14, 2009

The HUFF 50K Course Map

The HUFF 50K Course Map remains unchanged from that used since 2006.

The course was changed on the south side as a result of the opening of the new shooting range and the DNR's experience with two major flooding episodes. The good news was that the change eliminated the chance to get your feet wet at a small stream crossing. And the new shooting range nearly eliminates noise from the gun enthusiasts. (Newbies: ask some veterans of the early HUFF years what the old shooting range could add to the flavor of the event.)

Unfortunately, there was a road section added to the course to bypass the shooting range. So, after crossing the boat ramp road on the south side, you will keep going straight east on the old trail (do not take the new trail section to your left after crossing the boat ramp road. After a very short distance on trail after crossing the boat ramp access road, you will take a sharp turn to the right which will take you to the main road.

Due to the requirements of some of the governmental funding sources, the shooting range was required to have a larger safety zone surrounding it. This meant that the then-existing trail was encroached by the new safety zone.

Once you exit the road section, however, you will reenter wooded trail that traverses some parts of the DNR property which were not part of the original HUFF course.

A particular thanks to Jerry Diehl and Bob Berger for laying out and measuring the course. Thanks also to Roush Lake Property Director Jeff Reed and his crew for trail maintenance and clearing.

Jerry,Bob,and Mike Thurston have placed mile marker signs along with directional arrow signs, flourescent ribbons and other trail marking signs on the HUFF course for race day.

If you would like to be part of the course marking crew for future HUFF's please let me know by sending an email to

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