Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brett Hess' News-Sentinel Column Highlights 13 year HUFFer LeFever

Kim LeFever of Columbia City is featured in today's edition of the News-Sentinel for his 13 years of HUFF participation.

Running writer and multiple HUFF participant Brett Hess writes a weekly running column for the Fort Wayne newspaper.

You can view the column by clicking here.

In the first year of The HUFF, Mr. LeFever ran the One Loop Run. However, the next year, and in each subsequent HUFF, he has run the 50K.

Marc Laudeman, Lynn Karner and the father-son duo of Ed Stuart and Phil Stuart have completed all 13 HUFF 50K's. Dave Hughes is also part of the elite HUFF squad. He has run every HUFF, and but for a bad spell during the 2008 event, has finished every race. We welcome all these gentlemen back for this year's running.

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