Sunday, September 21, 2008

WOOF - Warm up for The HUFF set for November 15th

The Ouabache (pronounced "Wabash") River Runners have organized a trail run of 5 miles and 15 miles as a warm up for The HUFF.

The event will be on November 15th, 2008, at the Ouabache State Park Campground at Bluffton, IN. Bluffton is located in Wells County, which is one county east of The HUFF location.

The run is something of a tribute to The HUFF. The acronym "WOOF" is for the Wells Outrageous Ouabache Fifteen. The race app states "The distance is actually closer to sixteen miles but that would make the race the WOOS and who would actually run a race with that name, seriously?"

You can download a PDF application for the WOOF by clicking here.

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