Sunday, December 30, 2007

HUFF commentary and first person accounts

First up is this account from Dennis Duria, who blogs under the name RunBubbaRun at "Martial Artist, Triathlete, Ironman, Ultrarunner and Just Plain Craziness."

The new HUFF veteran from Chicago got a late start.

Dennis wrote:

Saturday was my last race of the year, the HUFF 50k in Indiana. I started
kinda of late heading out to the race. So when I arrived at the gate to pay my
DNR park pass I figured I had at least 15 minutes to spare.

Hmm, kinda of quite driving up to the race site. I think I have had
this same strange feeling once before at one of my triathlons. OHH crap, I park
my car and see no racers around. The race clock has already started. Instead of
having 15 minutes to spare, I was actually 45 minutes late for the race. "ROYAL
CRAP," what's up with the daylight saving time theory again.

So I was able to pick up my timing chip and was on my way starting the
race 50 minutes behind everybody else.

It had rained and sleeted in the area the night before, so I knew the
trail would be pretty icy and muddy. Okay, maybe it was not so bad running by
myself through the mud right now, at least I can try to find the best path
through this stuff.

But all I could think about was I really did not want to be last in the
race and try to at least catch up to a couple of people.

It was a three loop race, so the first loop I was feeling pretty good
and doing a decent pace, for me anyways.

So around mile 6, I spotted some back of packers moseying along. Okay,
I was feeling a little better, than I get a tap on the back of me saying "good
job". Crap, I just got lapped by the leader. Then around two more lapped me
before finishing my 1st lap. Dang [ ... ]

1 st loop ~ 1:50:48

So on the second loop I tried to relax and stick to a nutritional plan.
There was alot of mud on the trail and little streams big enough we could only
run through. So another round of cold wet feet we go. I managed to stay upright
in loop 1, but when I started to descend on one of the hills, I hit some "black
ice" and went down and banged my knee. Okay that hurt a little bit, I needed to
walk for a couple of minutes to shake it off. So a decent loop 2, I did have
some side stitch issues and some knee pain, but I was able to catch up to one or
more people on the course.

2nd loop ~ 2:04:14

So on the third and final loop, I was still running but getting tired.
I was not following my nutrition plan all that well and I felt it. But kept
running for most of it and stayed upright. I felt good about catching up to all
the people I saw ahead of me on the trail.

3rd loop ~ 2:19:30

So with all the mud, ice, wet feet, 31 degree weather, and 31+ miles
later, I finished in 6:14:30.
place: 84 out of 149division place: 11 out of 19gender place: 67 out of

Dang that was a long day. But everything leading up to my 100 miler is
all training for me. On that end it was a good learning day as well. Talked
briefly with a fellow "Marathon Manic" on the race course.

Oh yes, I finally got my Maniac singlet, so
I guess I'm official now. #750
Marathon Maniac
to be exact.

So with the end of the race, my 2007 racing season is finally at an

Everybody have a SAFE and Happy New Years.

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