Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hot showers after the HUFF at the Huntington Family YMCA

Once again, the Huntington Family YMCA is opening its facilities to HUFF participants to shower, clean up and warm up after the race.

The shower facilities are a welcome perk - particularly for those who do the entire 50 kilometers. However, relay runners value the Y, too. A runner who has completed a leg can make the brief dash into town, get a hot shower, and then come back to the tent in dry, warm clothes to meet their relay partner at the finish line.

The famous HUFF soups taste just as good whether they are consumed before getting a shower or after the return.

The Huntington Family YMCA is located in downtown Huntington just two blocks north of the Courthouse at 607 Warren Street. Warren Street is also northbound US 224/SR 5 through downtown Huntington.

There is one change this year. The YMCA no longer provides towels for its members and visitors. Be sure and bring your own towel to the shower.

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And, like all HUFF runners, we know you won't be wearing you muddy shoes inside. We get wonderful feedback from the Y every year about the graciousness - and gratefulness - of the runners. Thank you for thanking the personnel of the YMCA when your visit.

The YMCA will be building a new facility soon in conjunction with Huntington University.

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