Thursday, December 21, 2006

After the HUFF, the Cannon is moving to Georgia

The 2006 HUFF participants are going to be the last HUFFers to be dispatched on their adventure by the cannon which began our tradition of a booming send-off.

Two weeks ago we learned that the cannon is decamping from Wabash, Indiana, to head to warmer, southern climes. The cannon blast has been provided by the Great Lakes Historical Re-enactors.

The Re-enactors will remain a fixture but their member with the cannon is moving. We already have a line on a few other cannons and howitzers for future years but the concussive wave that enters your sternum and exits your spine to start the race will not quite be the same.

The cannon blast always comes as a bit of a surprise to HUFF newbies. Even though they can see the size of the cannon and even though some veterans may have told them what to expect, the impact is just something that has to be experienced.

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