Tuesday, January 10, 2006

HUFF Veteran Back on The Roads

9-Time HUFF 50K Finisher Ed Stuart Putting in the Miles

Ed Stuart of Ohio is a 9-Time Finisher of The HUFF 50K Trail Run. He is a member of a small fraternity of runners called "The HUFF'S TOUGHEST." The ranks of those who have completed every HUFF include Ed's son, Phil Stuart. That makes them the only father and son team.

The Stuarts are on track to come back for the HUFF's 10th Anniversary on December 30, 2006.

We know Ed is putting in the miles. We encountered Ed at Dave's 10 Mile Shoe Run on Sunday at Delta, Ohio.

Dave's 10 Mile is a road race. However, the temperatures are usually quite a bit colder than those for The HUFF. The other difference is that there are no trees to break the wind. The winds can be especially tough when runners make one of four crossings on overpasses above the Toll Road.

This was a relatively balmy 10 Mile Shoe Run. The traditional winds were back but with a strange difference. Most years, the westerly winds tend to be at your back in the early miles of the race but are punishing in the 4 mile to 7 mile sections .

This year, the winds were out of the east. Many of the veterans of Dave's 10 Mile Run had to do a bit of mental readjustment. However, most agreed it was a nice change to have a wind assist in the latter part of the race.

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