Wednesday, January 11, 2006

32 New HUFF 50K Photos

Never Before Seen Photographs of The HUFF Surface! Runners Amazed!

That's a National Enquirer-type headline.

The real story is that Lucy Harvey of Wisconsin was kind enough to send along the photographs she took at The HUFF 50K in December. She wanted to make sure that the photos were shared with runners. You can view those photos here or you can click on the link under HUFF Photos to the right.

Lucy (aka Susie while in Fort Wayne) is the sister of Kay Feichter. Kay was one of the soup volunteers who cheerfully poured cup after cup of soup to warm the hungry runners. Kay's husband, John, was the chef who created the award-winning chili.

Loved the photos! The race is well run, pun cheerfully intended, and the folks working are super, kind and helpful. Thanks especially to the kitchen crew- the fabulous soups are an absolute reason to participate in this Ultra Marathon!
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