Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Vehicle Entrance Information

As veteran's of last year's HUFF 50K know, the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources began charging a gate pass for vehicles. We didn't have much lead time once that decision was made.

This resulted in long lines at the newly constructed gate house at the entrance to Kil-So-Quah Campground and spillover onto US 224.

We have taken steps to alleviate that this year.

We will be selling both a One-day pass and the 2006 Annual Indiana DNR pass at the pasta dinner/packet pickup on Friday night. The one-day pass will be $5 regardless of residency. (The normal gate fee is $4 for Hoosier cars and $5 for non-resident.)

The 2006 Annual Indiana DNR pass is $36. That will be honored at The 2005 HUFF 50K, the 2006 HUFF 50K and, of course, at Indiana Parks, Forests and Reservoirs throughout 2006.

FORT WAYNE AREA HUFFERS have another option. The HUFF 50K has provided a limited number of one-day and 2006 annual passes to the Three Rivers Running Company for sale. Those are available now at the store located at 6312 Covington Road just west of Getz Road near Time Corners. (Three Rivers telephone 260-459-3668; Email; Map.

The currently have 50 Annual passes and a small supply of one-days. We will replenish that with additional passes over the next two days.

This should assist the two major groups of HUFF runners. The third group consists of folks, largely from Indiana, who will be driving in the morning of the race. They may wish to obtain a 2006 Annual Pass from a DNR facility if one is nearby.

Of course, the 2005 Annual DNR pass remains good through the end of the year. If you have it, use it.

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