Saturday, December 17, 2005

Southerners steal HUFF relay victories

Story by Brett Hess

A group of first-timers stole the show Saturday in the HUFF relay contests. College and high school runners from Terre Haute banded together to win both the men's and women's relay races.
Aaron Hoover, of Terre Haute, made up a nearly 10-minute deficit with a 70-minute anchor leg to carry his team to victory. Although Hoover said he enjoys hill running, all the white stuff was another matter.
"We're not used to running in all this snow," Hoover said. "The conditions were pretty rough. But it was different; we definitely enjoyed this."
Also in his traveling party was the women's winners, anchored by Terre Haute North H.S. senior Kayla Alexander. She, too, wasn't sure what she was getting into.
"It was intimidating," Alexander said. "I saw all those people coming through after the first loop. They were covered in snow and had icicles on their faces. But it warmed up for me. By the time I ran, it wasn't too bad."

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