Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Campground Map; Where to Park; Where the Toilets Are

This is a map of the Kil-So-Quah Campground. The map shows the location of the main tent, the finish line and the start. It does not show the location of the LARGE cannon which will be the source of the loud retort signalling the start of your adventure.

The map also shows the various campsites which constitutes most of the parking area for The HUFF. As in the past, please try to ride together to the campground. Most of the campsites will accommodate three vehicles. If you arrive at a campsite first, please pull all the way forward on the gravel area to allow other vehicles to park behind you. 50K folks and relay teams should try to pull in first. This will allow One-Loop participants to pull in last.

We've had a bit of snow last week. The DNR crews at J. Edward Roush Lake have been doing a good job of clearing snow from the campground. However, this may mean the regular campsites are a little more crowded this year.

It is important that you ARRIVE EARLY at the campground. The Indiana DNR will have a vehicle charge for the Kil-So-Quah Campground as is noted in the previous post. This had been the only DNR campsite in Indiana which did not have an entry fee. The DNR constructed an entry station earlier this year. Please arrive early to avoid the line snaking out onto US 224. We had earlier recommended that vehicles arrive before 7 AM to avoid parking problems. We now recommend 6:30 AM.

Note on the map that the Start line in on the roadway. Runners will run on the roadway back toward the entrance until they see the signs as to where they should enter the trail heading west. 50K Runners and the Relay Runners doing the 2nd and 3rd legs will NOT repeat that road section. Those runners will go through the chute, past the aid station table and then run on the trail just west of the main tent area.

Runners will come back through the east section of the campground toward the chute area. This means that 50K runners will pass near their cars before beginning their 2nd and 3rd loops. This means you can change shoes, socks and make other clothing changes.

There are new concrete advanced pit toilets at the east end of the campground, in the middle of the campground just south of the main tent, and one at the west end of the campground. There will be a Portable toilet at Aid Station "A" and Aid Station "B." There are also additional toilets just steps off the trail in another campground by Aid Station "A."

Aid Stations are approximately 3.5 miles apart. There will be a full array of ultra food at each one. That is, there will be water, sport drink, pretzels, potato chips, M & Ms, cookies, PB and jelly sandwiches, defizzed cola, some boiled potatoes and a few surprises.

At the main tent, there will be lots of food...warm food. Runners, though, will be able to partake of fast food (that is, regular ultra food) at an aid station on the west edge of the transition area by the chutes.

The next posting will be about the showers available at the Huntington Family YMCA in downtown Huntington. If you are on a relay team, you may want to think about leaving for a nice, warm, refreshing shower after you complete your leg. You can then return for more hot soup and be ready for your team members as they complete their loops.

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