Monday, December 19, 2005

A Boxer, a Bomb, and a Blessing

This was my fourth year at the HUFF and I have to say it was probably the most challenging on the course. My running partner and one of my closest friends, Tricia Miller (also one my relay partners) compared that 10.8 feeling to mile 16 through 26.2 of a marathon! :)

All is well...we will be back next year...not sure about Bailey (Tricia's boxer)...the snow wore him out the most we have ever seen!

I would like to commend Mitch and the rest of the crew for making this year such a well organized event.

It seemed so much smoother with registration...the crowd was handled so well! It was not as congested and thumbs up to John's Chili....that stuff is the bomb (literally, I might add! hehehe)!

Congratulations to all who attempted, overcame and/or finished! It is always a great blessing to run amongst many who are always looking for something more out there! I pray you all were blessed as well!

Connie Gamble
Beyond the Finish Running Club

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