Thursday, September 08, 2005


Welcome to the HUFF 50K Trail Notes. This will be the place for keeping folks updated regarding the upcoming HUFF 50K Trail Run on December 17, 2005 at Huntington IN. There have been some changes to the trail we'll tell you about. And the committee has been meeting to improve the experience for every runner and every volunteer. Oh, yes, we'll even talk about the medals. (Many are mailed, the rest will be prepped on September 11 and mailed September 12).

This is great. Thanks for creating a way to get updates posted.
Are the 2004 HUFF medals actually getting mailed out this time? Just like they were supposed to in by May 24th, or be mailed out after the VEEP Triathlon? I hope that you are telling the truth this time!
I don't know about everyone else, but I'm looking forward to another great relay race this year. I hear more people are taking an interest in the relay aspect. It should be another great year for the race.
This is exactly what the blog is for - immediate feedback! I love it.
It will help make for a better race all around.
We'll post a little more on the medals tomorrow night. Please check back.
We'll take the negative comments AND the positive ones, too. We hope that as we get closer to the race, runners will feel free to share their positive tips with each other on training, transportation, finding teammates and other things that build the community of trailrunners.
Got the medals in the mail a couple of days ago. Thank you very much!
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