Friday, September 09, 2005

INDY Star reports on triathlete planning on the 2005 HUFF

The August 17th edition of the Indianapolis STAR and the Noblesville Ledger reported on triathlete Henry Lane, Jr. of Cicero IN, who plans to run The HUFF 50K on December 17th. The full story by Ted Schultz can be found at: "Among the men, Henry Layne Jr., Cicero, finished eighth overall and sixth in the men's open division in 51:26 in his first Cicero Triathlon since 2000. Layne had been in California, where he competed in a couple of Ironman Triathlons (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2-mile run), but took about a year off from competitive racing and training after moving back in April 2004.
Layne, 36, who was third in the men's 35-39 division, worked a 24-hour shift at the Noblesville Fire Department until 7:30 a.m. Saturday. Since he had to go on a pair of overnight runs with the department, he didn't get much sleep before the 9 a.m. race.
Layne also is coming off a calf injury that kept him from running for about three weeks. His run time was about 19 minutes, 21/2 minutes off his normal pace.
Layne is entered in this weekend's Great Buckeye Challenge, a 51/2-mile run, 56-mile bike ride and 13.1-mile run dualathlon in Dayton, Ohio. He also plans to compete in the Mideast Regional in September at Eagle Creek, the Huff 50K trail race in December in Huntington and the 135-mile Badwater Ultra Marathon early next year in California's Death Valley.
"If the calf gets me through next week, it should give me the green light for the Mideast Regional," Layne said."

Have you ever seen so many excuses by one athlete? Man, what an ego...How often are any of our circumstances just right when we get to the starting line?
It's not as if an athlete can control what is asked of them by the reporter or how it is presented.
The reporter was putting this together for the Noblesville Ledger (a Gannett newspaper like the Indy STAR). Looks like the reporter wanted to highlight some of the local Hamilton County residents.
Looks like Mr. Layne was just being pretty frank. Sounds like a regular guy who would fit right in at The HUFF.
One of the great things I've learned at The HUFF is that the ultrarunners tend to be approachable people. Everybody from say, me, to the elite like Mark Godale.
My responses to the questions were just that, responses. I was asked deveral different questions and what was printed was just a combination of all of them. I don't feel like I have an ego, but, true, I was coming off of a serious calf injury. I have competed at the Huff before. In 2003 when I was 5th OA. I was actually leading up to mile 25 or so when Eric Grossman passed me like I was walking. Talk about a gut buster. So, for my second ultra event I am going to be at the Huff again and maybe I can run this one a little smarter.
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