Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Website -

The HUFF 50K Trail Run is moving to a new website -

Now you can find all our races in one place, including the Father's Day Run 4 Trails (June 19th) and the Waterfall 5K Trail Run at the Kokiwanee Nature Preserve (June 26th). Nothing has changed in management of The HUFF from when it was first started - Veep Races is just the umbrella under which we direct several races.

The HUFF 50K Trail Notes will still be active but it will serve as an adjunct to the main site. At you will find registration, trail maps, directions, volunteer sign-up and the most requested item - recipes for the homemade soups provided to HUFF runners at the end of the race.

The 2011 HUFF 50K Trail Run will be held on Saturday, December 17th and ... it will be in a new location which will soon be announced. If all current plans hold the new location will feature slightly more technical trails and will not have anything resembling the windy traverse across the dam on the west edge and the bridge on the east end of the old course.

We appreciate the home we had at Huntington for 14 years but changes in financing at the DNR have meant that trailrunners, mountain bikers and others will no longer have access to the property.

Some have asked whether the name of the event will change because long-time HUFF veterans know that the name was an alliteration of Huntington Ultra Frigid Fifty. The answer is:
"No, the name will not change". It will now have the official name of "The HUFF 50 K."

Those who would still like to observe an alliteration can think of it standing for "Hoosier Ultra Frigid Fifty" or even "Harper's Ultra Frigid Fifty".

But we think the HUFF name has come to stand on its own as one of the largest ultras in North America and as an event where the "test is against time, distance ... and Mother Nature".

We'll see you in December at the new HUFF course and sooner at

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